Lumin Wisdom School

A Modern Approach to Ancient Mysteries 

When you access your inner wisdom you will know that all you need is within.

The Lumin Wisdom School uses a threefold approach to accessing inner wisdom - a combination of meditation, study, and spiritual service. 

Knowledge in and of itself is useful, but it is only by integrating this knowledge into your daily experience that you will transmute knowledge into wisdom. 

The most effective method for lasting change is to do the work within. All inner change is lasting change, all other change is ephemeral and fleeting. Within the school you will learn the methods for achieving lasting results. Your life will be changed forever. 


School Benefits

Monthly Information Updates

In addition to our regular spiritual development track, learn the latest and greatest as we receive it across a range of relevant topics.

Recommended Meditations

Although there are a core set of meditations that we recommend as you progress through our program, we also provide new meditations that will assist with concentrating your development along a specific aspect of your being or overcome an experienced challenge. 

Recommended Ritual Work

A number of ceremonial magic ritual practices will be provided over the course of your journey. 

Recommended Reading

Ongoing study is a core tenet of work within the School. Over the course of your studies, a number of spiritual texts will be recommended which will assist you with further attuning with spiritual currents as well as broaden and deepen your knowledge. 

Private Community

Wanderers and explorer types are not typically group people, and so it is with the members of our School. However we have found it useful to have a location to meet should inspiration strike as well as post questions for the more experienced members of the community. Participate as little or as much as you like, or simply be a wallflower - the choice is yours :)

Energy Support 

The energy within our School has a positive healing quality. Your participation will tap into this energetic quality and your presence will serve as a point of light within the greater light. We are also available to assist energetically in a conscious manner upon request. 

Inner Change Isn't Easy

But we're here to help. With Lumin Wisdom School, you'll not only get the knowledge and instructions necessary to bring about this spiritual unfoldment, but an informal support structure to draw upon as needed. We are only an email or instant message away. 

Get instant access to the Lumin Wisdom School!

Your journey begins now. There is no time to delay. Spiritual unfoldment requires regular and persistent effort on your part. This is a daily journey that has the potential to reap tremendous benefit. Delay only serves to postpone progress and your freedom to discover who you truly are and your innate potential. The time is always now. Why not start now?

Follow Your Heart 

Should you commit to performing the recommend work, mainly the combination of meditation, study, and integration of knowledge into daily experience, and draw upon the fount of knowledge as needed - both within yourself and through the support of our Wisdom School, you will see results quickly - typically within the first month of membership. 

But you must commit to the work. You must commit to yourself.

Once you commit to yourself and begin the daily work, your inner self will begin manifesting into your outer world. Your cup will runneth over from yourself to others and your direct environment. As your light shines so too will the light in others.  

Monthly Overview

Each month new information will be unlocked for you within the member portal. Your journey will unfold exactly as you need so you can focus on one thing at a time. 



Month 1 This month is the foundation. We'll go over the approach, overall philosophy, meditation overview, introduction to the private community and set the groundwork for establishing a regular rhythm. 



Month 2 This month will reinforce the foundation established within the first month. This month will further strengthen what you learned in month 1, while deepening and expanding your knowledge base, and further integrate insights received during meditation within your daily life through spiritual service. 



Month 3 & Beyond Subsequent months will further reinforce and build upon the work in previous months. Within each passing month you will access more of the light within, deepen your knowledge across a range of spiritual traditions, and become a shining light in the world - healing and transforming all with whom you come into contact. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to join?

How much time commitment do I need to give?

How do I know if this is right for me?

What if I'm new to spirituality? Is this too advanced?

Does the School promote a specific spiritual tradition?

Why study at the School?


The School is open to everyone at no cost As an offering of love. We gratefully appreciate donations.

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