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J.R. Sedivy

Published author, spiritual healer and coach, focused on rapid and intense transformation

What people are saying about working with John:

Sarah B Profile
Working with John was incredibly powerful. I could feel his full support for me the whole time and he held a vision for my life that really uplifted me. Through his prayerwork, I felt the Presence of the Divine in a profound way. After the sessions, I had a new energy in a couple areas of my life. He is very intuitive and stays deeply present during the session. I’m thankful I worked with him!

Sarah Bishop, St. Louis, MO

I had the pleasure of experiencing an energy scan and powerful clearing from John Sedivy yesterday. John thank you for bringing clarity to my pain point and sharing my potential for transformation. I am grateful to you for sharing your gift. Blessings, Donna"

Donna Hall, Me First Now, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Lois B
John has an electric energy that I could really experience. I could feel a powerful vibration. His reading was insightful and accurate, and very much to the point. I feel that when working with John it would be possible to make exponential progress in my personal life and career. I better be ready for change, because he will make things happen, of that I am certain. Thank you, John for a great reading."

Lois Baker, Equinox Energy Healing, Iowa City, IA

RachelR Profile
After receiving my energy scan from John, he amazed me with his psychic knowingness about my energetic blocks and challenges, my strengths, and my potential. He laid out what we can work on together and what he can help me with energetically right away, making me enthusiastic about the healing process and its enormous benefits. Thank you, John!"

Rachel R, Chicago, IL

RitaM Profile
I really enjoyed my chakra scan with John Sedivy. He's strong enough to hold space for me to be all of me. His scan was really accurate including some messages in exact wording as I have been receiving for the last month or so. The channeled prayer was absolutely lovely and I wish I had thought to record it. There were a couple of unusual combinations of words that sang to my heart. If you... Read more...

Rita Morgin at Spirit Earth Ministries, Palo Alto, CA

DonnaM Profile
I had the pleasure of having an energy scan done by John Sedivy, and was I ever amazed!! He was so spot on! As he tuned into my Chakras, without knowing why, he was drawn to my throat and solar plexus. As he explained what he sensed through these two chakras, I was quite amazed. I’ve been working on both of these chakras, and although they’ve improved, I’ve still got a bit to go. John... Read more...

Donna McRae, Donna, White Rock, BC Canada

I had a great scan with John Sedivy yesterday! John has an amazing laser like skill in getting down to the essence and pain points pronto! At the same time his heart is full and he has true compassion as he delivers his message. The healing also left me with a feeling of increased energy and challenge. The enrollment call was full of confidence standing in his power and abilities. Thanks again John a lot... Read more...

Francine Medina, Fran Medina Coaching, Warwick, NY

Maura S Profile
The energy scan and clearing that John did for me was amazing. He described me to a T, intuitively sensing core unconscious patterns and suggesting the fastest route to shift things to a new level. He also identified the underlying relationship between issues I’d been experiencing in a way that totally resonated with me. In addition, he was very thorough in explaining what was going on energetically, and he incorporated all of these insights into... Read more...

Maura Smith, Maura Smith Coaching, Oakville, Ontario

I received an energy clearing from John the first part of August. As a result of that clearing, many doors have started to open for me and my family as well. Slowly I can feel the shift in my life. I am thankful for his knowledge and help and know with A lot of discipline from myself everything we set into motion that day will manifest! Forever Thankful for what he has to offer the... Read more...

Felicia C., Springhill, Louisiana

I was amazed when I had the energy scan session with John, didn't expect anything like that - I had other energy scans before but he is absolutely unique - where other people take from 10 to 20 minutes to focus enough to start the session, in a few minutes he focused and started an amazing flow of words, all true and direct; the day after, things started to shift a bit for me, like... Read more...

Lara Milani, Polinago, Italy

China C. Profile Image
O.M.G. John Sedivy is an amazing healer and coach! I just had a scan and healing with him and it was AMAZING. He did not dabble around my chakras individually for very long before seeing RIGHT THROUGH to my deepest pain. He spoke to the inner me, the one who knows what's going on but wants to avoid it. He allowed me to see how much pain I really am in lately as I waffle... Read more...
ChristieM Profile
If you get the chance to get an energy scan from John Sedivy, don't pass it up. John's ability to detail exactly what was going on with my energy, and to pinpoint specific blocks, challenges and strengths is truly mind-blowing - and I say this having worked with literally dozens of talented intuitives over the past three years. Both the speed and the depth of his intuition are downright amazing. He also delivered an intensely... Read more...

Christie Michelsen, Green Ink Copywriting, St. Wasau, WI

Your Energy Scan was spot on! You had me nailed from the very beginning. I could tell how you "read people" -- it simply floods into you. My "pain" was evident in all my chakras, and provided a link to healing. Your clearing was clear and sensitive, and I felt and still feel a "calm strength". Your talents are many, and you will go far in your healing practice. Thank you. Blessings to you."

Polly Severy, Polly's Healing Space, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Speaking with John has kickstarted movements that are creating and inspiring a divine shift in my life. John has shown me the power he knew I held to realize and actualize my desires and callings. I strongly suggest sessions with John to anyone who wishes to evaluate where they stand, where they are headed, and how to take the steps in their own journey of ascension into a life filled with purpose and joy.

Colton Andre, St. Augustine, FL

I saw a notification on energy reading and decided to give it a try. I had been experiencing blocks and had a lot of things going on in my life that were holding me back. When John did the energy reading a lot of things started to make sense. I realized I was reverting back to my old ways and not honouring my being and my soul. I am thankful that we connected and I... Read more...

Donna Windi of Monversation, Switzerland

Dear John, thank you for the wonderful scan and clearing. Thank you for finding my Loch Ness monster, I've been searching for it for years but now I know its just an illusion, my own make believe. I can highly recommend John as an intuitive healer. Thank you again. Lesley

Lesley Hales, The Perfect Retreat, France

Monique J Profile
John and my paths crossed very simply as if by magic and perfect synchronisation, I was blessed to come across his free chakra scan post, because of the time difference between America and Australia I sent a personal msg 20mins later we were talking, John explained how the scan would take place, then started with the reading, many things I new to be true he pointed out very clearly...I was Very impressed.. After the reading... Read more...

Monique J. Australia

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